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New Directions: A Competitive Intelligence Tale
By Gary D. Maag and David J. Kalinowski

Gary D. Maag

David J. Kalinowski

Previewed by Margaret Marshall-Hagan
Editor, eBulletins
Frost & Sullivan

Fixing the Roof While the Sun Is Still Shining: The Unique Value of Human Source Intelligence for Business

Attention, business executives and managers: Ask yourself, how well does your company gather, analyze and take action on what you know about your competitors? Sure, your market research department has a decent budget and a capable team–but this intelligence is firmly rooted in the past and present. It will leave you in the dark when it comes to the future. And when your company is making multi-million-dollar investments in new products and services, being in the dark about the competition is the last place you want to be.

In their forthcoming book New Directions: A Competitive Intelligence Tale, veteran CI practitioners Gary Maag and David Kalinowski demystify many preconceptions about CI in an engaging tale that reads like a mystery novel. Fictional market research executive Jack Turner learns how to master and apply competitive intelligence to help his industry-leading company beat back a challenge for number-one status from an aggressive, nimble competitor. Step by step, the authors help business leaders in all industries follow the lessons Jack Turner learns as he demonstrates how to use the power of CI to advance his firm’s strategic priorities. In the process, Jack Turner develops “The CI Bible: A Master Guidebook.” The guidebook is at the heart of the 29-chapter book, and it contains vital, actionable insight into how to “repair the roof while the sun is still shining.”

The book’s hero–and the reader–learns that there’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to competitive intelligence. In fact, when conducted properly, CI actually helps reduce risk by uncovering critical information senior executives can use to improve decision making.

New Directions: A Competitive Intelligence Tale demonstrates that although predictive analytics are essential, they work best when they are integrated with human source intelligence. Having even the briefest of glimpses into the future can be a godsend in the planning and decision-making process. And only one tool can offer such a glimpse: competitive intelligence.

Whether you call it —market intelligence, strategic intelligence or business intelligence—this book demonstrates in very practical terms how CI makes strategic adaptation possible. In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, that’s something every organization needs.

Changing business dynamics–from mergers and acquisitions to globalization to changes in the regulatory environment have intensified the need for powerful, primary intelligence that effectively impacts your business decisions. Now is the time to embrace CI, because before long, you’ll be reading influential business books about the successful, forward-thinking companies that did.

About the authors

Gary D. Maag has been a leader in the research community for nearly three decades, with 22 years dedicated specifically to competitive intelligence. He has assisted dozens of Fortune 500 companies in high-profile business intelligence engagements. The Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) awarded him the Catalyst Award for his contributions to the profession. He is the founder of the graduate-level CI program at Dominican University in Illinois and is the co-founder and CEO of Proactive Worldwide, Inc. and Out in Front, LLC.

David J. Kalinowski is a 22-year veteran in the CI field and co-founder and president of Proactive Worldwide, Inc. and Out in Front, LLC. He has directed CI research for hundreds of domestic and international corporations, and he assists numerous advisory and executive boards with highly sensitive CI strategy development and training initiatives. He is a recipient of SCIP’s Catalyst Award and has served on the SCIP board of directors.

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