Scip.insight Vol. 2 Issue 6
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A SCIP Update from Our CEO

  By Ken Garrison
Chief Executive Officer

SCIP has taken many important steps in the last 12 months to stabilize our organization and develop effective pathways for growth. The merger with the Frost & Sullivan Institute was a critical first step. The combined effort and skills of all involved led directly to an extremely successful annual meeting in Washington, D.C. last spring. We continue to look for every possible step both large and small to advance your professional association and enhance your professional growth.

Hereís a brief update on several important decisions made by the SCIP Board of Directors during their May 20th meeting. The board is committed to evaluating all factors that will provide added growth potential to your society and will enhance our value proposition for you in the coming years.

One key element of SCIPís growth strategy under discussion is a name change from Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals to Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals. We will shortly email you a full explanation of the benefits of this change and provide you an opportunity to comment on this proposal. We will also make it available on our website, and an additional SCIP blog posting will allow for your comments.

At the May meeting, the board also authorized several initiatives to enhance the value proposition of SCIP over the coming months. They include:

        1) A CI Index to use the talents and knowledge of SCIP members and aid
            in analyzing and reporting on positive and negative movements in the
        2) A new opportunity for intellectual advancement and commentary via
            short CI Analysis of current issues.
        3) A formal program to encourage CI Internships with our members and to
            work with the colleges and universities to fill those opportunities.
        4) An increased flow of inquires asking your opinion on a variety of topics.             As an example, in the next several weeks we will ask how to best             deliver content via our flagship publication Competitive Intelligence

As part of the strategic growth and evolution of your society, the board has defined a new membership classification for those who provide services, solutions, or consulting to the profession. This category will have the same individual membership price as those who function within the traditional corporate setting and provide internal CI direction to their companies.

As you can see from the above commentary, your societyís board is committed to taking bold and decisive steps to grow your professional organization. Over the coming weeks and months you will receive an expanded commentary on each of these items. This is the first of many reports on the steps the board is taking to improve your membership experience.

Ken Garrison is the Chief Executive Officer of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals. He works closely with the board of directors to establish society goals and objectives and he manages the daily operations
of SCIP. He can be reached at

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