July 2013 | Vol. 5 Issue 7   In Collaboration with the Frost & Sullivan Institute

SCIP India: Competitive Intelligence Is the Future

  By Arun Jethmalani
SCIP India Chapter Chair,
and Managing Director

In March 2013, the SCIP India chapter partnered with the Amity Institute of Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Management for their 2013 CI conference (in Noida, just outside Delhi, India). SCIP India was the "Knowledge Partner" at the Amity Competitive Intelligence Conference - 2013 (ACIC-2013) titled "Competitive Intelligence is the Future: Intelligence Drives Success".

The conference was held at the expansive Amity University campus, and began with several introductions from senior Amity faculty, including Maj. Gen. Ashok Krishna, a long time SCIP member. These presentations highlighted the importance of competitive intelligence in management degree programs, and Amity's efforts to this end. Among the industry presentations, one by Mr. Niraj Prakash, of Oracle India, highlighted the importance of speed in intelligence. He emphasised that with the rapid changes in technology (especially in industries like IT), if it took too long to acquire intelligence, it could lose all its value. Ms. Shalini Chakravorty, of Hill & Associates (India) spoke about why due diligence was becoming an increasingly important capability (or offering) for CI professionals. Mr. Arun Jethmalani, Chapter Chair, SCIP India spoke about how customer needs had changed as a result of the recession in his talk “Competitive Intelligence in Uncertain Times”.

Post lunch, there were two tracks and many more speakers, including Mr. Ambrish Joshi of Genpact, Dr. Renita Dubey of Amity, among numerous others, including several presentations by students. The founder of Amity University, Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, provided insights into how competitive intelligence had helped him enormously in his business career, and said that this made the vital difference between success and failure. It's not possible to enumerate all the different presentations, more than 20 during the day - but a notable feature was the enthusiastic participation by students, who comprised majority of the audience.

After a busy day, participants appeared reluctant to leave - no doubt due to the excellent hospitality provided by the Amity team. We hope to expand the partnership between Amity and SCIP India in the months ahead, possibly with the start of a student chapter, as well as collaboration on future events and knowledge sharing. Hopefully, these initiatives will help us (SCIP) achieve our goals of enabling a robust CI community in India, as well as establishing standards and best practices for CI practitioners.


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