Frost & Sullivan has selected Underwriters Laboratories to become a member of the Strategic Partnership Consortium (SPC) in the category of Product Safety and Green Standardization & Certification.

UL has led the development of standards by which countless manufacturers around the world design and measure the safety of their products. Through UL Environment, the organization is applying that same rigor with its certification of green and sustainable products.

For more than 100 years, UL has maintained its focus on making Planet Earth a safer place. Based on its founders credo... "Know by test and state the facts", UL maintains its independence and integrity by continuously conducting research that enables it to anticipate and understand global trends and leverage that knowledge to facilitate the continued advancement of consensus based standards to ensure order in the marketplace and accelerate acceptance adoption by governments, inspectors, and ultimately consumers globally.

UL's global reputation for independent standards, testing integrity, and global expertise is second to none and signifies why it is best in class and a member of the Strategic Partnership Consortium.