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SCIP India Kicks Off in Mumbai

  By Arun Jethmalani
CEO, ValueNotes
SCIP India Chapter Chair


SCIP started its voyage in India with its first meeting held in Mumbai, on the 20th of December, 2011 at the offices of Thomson Reuters in Ballard Estate.

The meeting began with a brief background of my association with the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) and how this led to the formation of the Indian Chapter. Emphasizing the fact that it is an association of individual professionals, I explained what SCIP represents as an association/society, including its aims and objectives and the impact it has had on the competitive intelligence profession as a whole. In this context, I outlined the goals of the Indian Chapter:
  • To provide a forum for CI professionals to network

  • To share best practices in the field of competitive intelligence

  • To develop the community and establish standards for competitive intelligence in India
Fifteen extremely enthusiastic attendees representing a wide range of industries introduced themselves and spoke about their roles within their companies, their interest in Competitive Intelligence and what they expected from the newly formed Indian chapter of SCIP.

Participants engaged in developing a working definition of competitive intelligence, agreeing that CI helps an organization become and stay competitive in its market; and acknowledging the distinction between competitive intelligence and “competitor intelligence,” a subset of the greater competitive intelligence discipline. These charter members also discussed their vision for SCIP India as instrumental in laying down definitions and standards for CI practitioners in India, as well as what they hoped to gain and give back to the CI community through their participation in SCIP India.

Further discussion identified potential times and locations for future meetings, with a preference for Wednesdays and Fridays in North Mumbai, between Worli and Andheri, as possible. Amit Sharma of Tata Communications; Mayank Gurnani of Novartis; and Neelam Singh of Oracle expressed their interest in participating on the Steering Committee, and the group agreed that the financial and logistical aspects of hosting meetings would be addressed offline by this newly formed committee. As issues pertaining to the operational model, types of events and topics to be covered at future events were discussed, Amit Sharma suggested detailing the evolution and/or life-cycle of a typical Competitive Intelligence practice over the course of the first few meetings to ensure everyone in attendance is on the same page.

As the excitement grew, and roles and tasks were assigned, attendees expressed the need to keep in touch with each other. It was agreed that a dedicated Google Group be created for SCIP India’s current and future members. The tentative date for the group’s next meeting is the 21st of February 2012. Finalization of the format and agenda will take place in January and promotional efforts will follow. We hope to see you at the second meeting of the newly formed SCIP India chapter.

About the author

Arun Jethmalani is the managing director of ValueNotes. His 25-year working career spans IT services outsourcing, management consulting, market research, equity research, competitive intelligence and web publishing. He has been extensively published in leading magazines and newspapers. Jethmalani is a regular speaker at technology, Internet, finance and outsourcing events, and has lectured at several educational institutions. He has presented at several SCIP conferences in the U.S., Europe and Latin America. Jethmalani holds a B Tech from IIT Bombay, and an MS from Duke University, NC, U.S.

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