August 2011 | Vol. 3 Issue 8                   In Collaboration with the Frost & Sullivan Institute


How do YOU Say Competitive Intelligence?

By Bonnie Hohhof
Director of Competitive Research

With the increased interest and implementation of competitive intelligence functions worldwide, information about CI appears in many languages. Here’s how they say “competitive intelligence.” When looking for best practices and implementation case studies worldwide, you need to search beyond your own language. (This also applies to any topic you’re searching.) Starting with a very rough list of terms generated from Google Translate, I asked the SCIP LinkedIn group to add and modify those entries.

  • Mededingende Intelligensie (Afrikaans)

  • inteligjencës konkurruese (Albanian)

  • معلومات عن المنافسين (Arabic)

  • конкурентно разузнаване (Bulgarian)

  • 竞争情报 or 商业情报 (Chinese)

  • Konkurenční zpravodajství (Czech)

  • konkurrencedygtige intelligens (Danish)

  • concurrentie-informatie or competitive intelligence (Dutch)

  • intelligence économique or veille concurrentielle (French)

  • Wettbewerbsforschung or Konkurrenzanalyse (German)

  • ανταγωνιστική κατασκοπεία (Greek)

  • מודיעין תחרותי (modi'in taharuti) (Hebrew)

  • intleacht iomaíoch (Irish)

  • 競争力のある知性 (Japanese)

  • Market intelligence (Netherlands)

  • Analiza konkurencyjności (Polish)

  • inteligência competitiva or Inteligência de Mercado or Inteligência Económica (Portuguese)

  • конкурентная разведка (Russian)

  • Inteligencia Competitiva (Spanish)

  • omvärldsbevakning (Swedish)

  • конкурентна розвідка (Ukrainian)

You can find the entire discussion and comments in the SCIP LinkedIn Group discussion here. If you’re not already a member of this group, go to this page and click on “request to join.”

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