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  July 2010 | Vol. 3 Issue 7  CONNECT

Executing Your Business Transformation:
How to Engage Sweeping Change
Without Killing Yourself Or Your Business

  Reviewed by Erica Wasserman
eBulletin Editor
Frost & Sullivan

If you’re searching for sound, well-presented lessons on driving business transformation and performance, this title is a must-read. Based on the combined experience of four savvy authors—all of whom have been in the trenches of transformation—this punchy, dynamic book shares insightful stories of actual corporate reinventions. Having encountered everything from high-risk mergers to bolt-on acquisitions to major organizational restructurings, the authors are perfectly suited to provide commentary and recommendations on these and other complex processes.

There have been thousands of books written on the subject of business transformation but this one is different. Not a how-to guide, this book chronicles real-world experiences and helps defy long-held assumptions about business theory. You’ll discover a full range of situations and outcomes from the change efforts the authors explore in the pages. Themes covered include:

       •  The customer is always right, except when he or she is not
       •  What got you here may kill you there
       •  Consultants are not an excuse for not knowing your business
       •  Spin is overrated for creating value
       •  Merger is not a four-letter word

These core insights about sweeping change offer important lessons for any business leader. The stories reveal the importance of HR in the area of transformation, explore the failures of highly anticipated mergers and acquisitions (so that you can learn from others’ mistakes) and explain that innovation is driven more by observation than by the adoption of best practices.
The wisdom of the authors and their own experiences will not only help demystify the process of transformation, it will inspire you to initiate and
sustain success.

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