Visual Test Strips For Blood Glucose Monitoring

Diabetes is a chronic disease characterized by elevated levels of glucose in the blood (hyperglycemia). Diabetes occurs when the body does not produce enough insulin or is not using it properly. Insulin is a hormone required by the body to convert glucose into energy. The right proportions of insulin are required to turn sugar and other food into energy. The inability of the insulin to perform normally has effects on carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism. Traditional methods of diagnosing and monitoring diabetes include the use of diagnostic test kits like the fasting blood glucose test and the oral glucose tolerance test (often considered a gold standard in the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes), to minimally invasive and completely noninvasive monitoring techniques. Whilst the price of glucometers are slowly decreasing every day, due to increasing competition, the ongoing costs being disposable, glucometer test strips are often highly inflated, which can deter diabetics from monitoring their glucose levels as often as they should. Other limitations of using conventional techniques include the absence of providing information regarding nocturnal glycemic excursions, which is critically important for the planning of insulin boluses per meal.

According to a National Diagnostics Product study, with the growing incidence of diabetes in India (diabetics estimated to reach 79.4 million by 2030), a need for a high quality and accurate method of monitoring glucose level, which is cost effective has become critically important for clinicians and patients, across the continuum of care. National Diagnostics Products based out of Sydney has developed the Betachek Visual blood glucose test offering diabetics and health professionals a beacon of hope. Betachek Visual is a premium "visually read" blood glucose test with twin reactive pads and a 26-color comparison chart that provides clinicians and patients with results that are of the highest precision and one of its salient features is its ease of use. The ability to test regularly without the associated costs and maintenance required in using a meter is what makes this monitoring test unique. It also eliminates the additional costs involved in maintaining a meter including batteries, control solution or expensive meter strips as well as cleaning and calibration. The testing system being discreet and compact offers a high level of portability and delivers results instantly, without the need for a meter.

Talking to Technical Insights, Linsey Gibbs, key personnel at National Diagnostics Products said, "Betachek Visual has upheld a good reputation due to its uncompromising quality and innovation. This attention to quality, accuracy, and precision has resulted in sales of Betachek in 50 countries worldwide, ranking it the number one visual strip in the world. Furthermore, the test eliminates maintenance and quality checks that are necessary when using a blood glucose meter, where if not done results may be incorrect, which can be critical in emergency situations." The test helps in drastic cost reduction in hospitals and health centers, where individuals can require testing on an everyday basis if not more.

Talking further, Gibbs said, "Betachek Visual is perfect for the Indian market where there are many diabetics who cannot afford to test themselves regularly. At National Diagnostics Products, our aim is to offer the highest quality visual blood glucose test strips to diabetics and health professionals throughout India, which is still very competitive in price so that any one can afford to take control of diabetes without jeopardizing their health with low quality strips that are cheap and often inaccurate."

Clinical studies with promising safety and efficacy results using a laboratory-based comparative method at the Prince of Wales Hospital (Sydney, Australia), The Royal North Shore Hospital (Sydney, Australia) and manufacturer-sponsored studies at St. Vincentís Hospital (Sydney, Australia) have shown Betachek Visual blood glucose test strips to be an accurate test for blood glucose monitoring. Compared to traditional laboratory-based methods, Betachek Visual offers 98% accuracy.

The Betachek Visual is available for sale in most parts of the world and bears the CE mark. In addition, the device is approved by the Therapeutic Good Administration, Australia and the Canadian Medical Devices Conformity Assessment System Canada.


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