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FSI and SCIP Expand Locally, Grow Globally

In mid-October, SCIP held the second Annual Latin American Competitive Intelligence Summit in Sao Paulo, Brazil. More than 120 attendees from both Brazil and other countries gathered for three days of education, networking and local community development. The event delivered a broad cross section of best practices and new tools and techniques that attendees could implement to support short and long term strategic development in their organizations. A new Brazil SCIP chapter with approximately 100 local members has formed under the leadership of Edson Ito and his strong steering committee, and has planned local education programs during the next year.

A week later, SCIP hosted its first Asian Competitive Intelligence Summit in Singapore. The exponential growth of the Asia Pacific region has made this area a part of SCIP’s global growth. Much like the Brazil event, the attendees heard from a broad cross section of professionals and closed the conference with plans for starting local chapters across Asia, and we’ll update you on their progress.

SCIP’s development into new area is supported by continuing engagement of our traditional dynamic membership. Our upcoming 15th Annual European Competitive Intelligence Summit takes place in Barcelona in mid-November, and is not to be missed. I look forward to seeing you there.


Ken Garrison

Selling Competitive Intelligence:
A Value Perspective

Bonnie Hohhof
Director of Competitive Research

Why is it so difficult to sell competitive intelligence?  
Read several selected responses from SCIP's
LinkedIn group, which reflect the diversity of
thought that often characterizes competitive

Be Careful What You Wish For

Kenneth A. Sawka
Managing Partner
Outward Insights

Before you attempt to reposition your intelligence
function, be sure you acknowledge what it entails.
While desiring a more strategic role sounds
promising, it may require skill sets commonly
not found in tactical competitive intelligence
systems. >>more

Evaluating SWOT’s Value in Creating
Actionable Strategic Intelligence

Kristan Wheaton
Assistant Professor Intelligence
Studies Department
Mercyhurst College

Mike Finnegan’s survey of more than 100 business
people with real-world strategic planning
responsibilities and experience using SWOT in
the workplace paints a very different picture of
the value of this technique—a picture that should
have consequences not only for the way it is
used but also the way it is taught. >> more

Knowledge is Power: Utilizing Competitive Intelligence to Improve Strategic Planning

Cormac Ryan

In today’s competitive market environment,
in-depth knowledge of competitors is a
fundamental prerequisite for effective
strategic planning. >> more

It’s All About Learning:
2010 European Competitive Intelligence Summit

Dale Fehringer
Former Vice President, Market Intelligence
VISA International

Read the top seven reasons your company
will benefit from your attending SCIP’s
European Competitive Intelligence Summit in
Barcelona on November 16-18, 2010.
>> more

Competitive Intelligence and
Analysis in Marketing

Market Insight Team
Frost & Sullivan

The role of marketing is changing. Throughout
the last decade, vendors have created platforms
and solutions to address the evolving needs of organizational marketing departmentsread how competitive intelligence plays a part. 
>> more

European CI Summit
Nov. 16-18, 2010
Barcelona, Spain
Agenda available NOW!

SCIP 2011
International Annual Conference & Exhibition

May 9-13, 2011
Orlando, FL

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SCIP 2011 International Annual Conference & Exhibition
May 9-13, 2011
Orlando, FL
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