May 2012 | Vol. 4 Issue 5    In Collaboration with the Frost & Sullivan Institute 


Robin Kirkby: Pioneering
Next-Gen Competitive Intelligence

  Robin Kirkby
Director – Strategic Intelligence
Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Since 1989, SCIP’s annual awards program has honored individuals for their outstanding efforts and achievements in the field of competitive intelligence. The awards program is a way for us, as a profession, to acknowledge our peers who are advancing the field; it is a way for us, as a Society, to pay tribute to those individuals who serve and contribute to our mission.

With a 20 year career in competitive intelligence, Robin Kirkby exemplifies the professional who continually works to expand CI’s boundaries, and has mentored many “next generation” individuals. He has focused on connecting CI with adjacent disciplines, to promote how CI can contribute to their efforts. A respected CI pioneer in Europe, he has advanced the quality and scope of SCIP’s European Conference through his eight years of service on the event’s committee, and is a frequent speaker in many venues to raise awareness of CI as a legitimate business discipline.

Robin Kirkby is the type of SCIP member that a society must have to sustain itself over the long haul. And more importantly, he continues to work to see that we as a profession continue to learn and grow so that the next generation will be even better. Robin’s contributions over the years to SCIP and the CI profession have been exceptional.

With his 20 years of experience in competitive intelligence related positions, Robin is a long-term career intelligence professional. Over the course of his CI career, Robin has completed 1,800 Intelligence projects — this is a unique/exceptional level of performance in the field, and has made him a sought-after CI expert for other practitioners. Additionally, Robin was one of the founders of Competitive Intelligence in Europe. CI was in its infancy in Europe 20 years ago — Robin was not only a founder, but has continued to practice CI as a professional, and he is recognized as one of the leading CI gurus in Europe.

We are proud to recognize Robin for his tireless efforts to advance and promote the CI profession throughout his career, both within CI practices and as an external consultant.

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