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Itís All About Learning: 2010 European Competitive Intelligence Summit

  Dale Fehringer
Former Vice President, Market Intelligence
VISA International

SCIPís 15th European Competitive Intelligence Summit provides many quality networking and learning experiences, and we feel confident you will find workshops and conference sessions to help you in your job. But sometimes you need to convince your managers that they will also benefit from sending you to a conference. If thatís true for you, read the top seven reasons your company will benefit from your attending SCIPís European Competitive Intelligence Summit in Barcelona on November 16-18, 2010.

1. Effective use of training funds

The November summit is the largest strategic and competitive intelligence event in Europe, and itís an ideal use of education and training funds. In a single trip, you can attend multiple seminars and workshops, see whatís new in competitive intelligence technology and services, and network with experts and people in your industry.

2. Learn new techniques

The European Competitive Intelligence Summit offers an opportunity to learn new competitive intelligence techniques, and meet experts willing to share their experience with you. After the conference, you can put the new tools to work and help improve your companyís performance.

3. Network with the experts

Networking events throughout the summit will enable you to meet and work with the best minds in the business. Not only will you will have opportunities to discuss issues with the session speakers, but you will also meet new peers in other organizations and significantly expand your intelligence network. Exchange those business cards!

4. Array of learning opportunities

As the largest European competitive intelligence conference of the year, the European Competitive Intelligence Summit offers an array of opportunities to enhance your intelligence skills and explore how you can promote the value of competitive intelligence. You can select from more than 25 conference sessions, which are organized into tracks of interest and marked with appropriate skill levels.
  • Tactical Intelligence: Intelligence tools and best practices.

  • Strategic Intelligence: The application of CI analysis.

  • Competitive Intelligence: Its organization and constituents.
5. Workshops broaden the learning experience

Workshops provide in-depth experience to develop new competitive intelligence skills. SCIPís European Summit offers two workshops for all levels of expertise. They are taught by two of the most experienced individuals in the industry, Jens Thieme of Lonza and Scott Leeb of Prudential Retirement.

6. Inspirational keynote speakers

Prominent keynote speakers will set the stage for each dayís learning by sharing their thoughts on the value of strategic and competitive intelligence in todayís world. Joaquin Mollinedo, Chief Innovation and Sustainability Officer of Acciona, will cover the macro trends of sustainability and how intelligence identifies and supports them. Mario Sanchez Moreno, Director of Strategy and Internationalization at the High Council of Chambers of Commerce, will share how he created and coordinated competitive intelligence programs in the 88 Chambers of Commerce existing in Spain.

7. Find out whatís new

Leading providers of intelligence products and services will demonstrate their latest tools, and you will have the opportunity to discuss your problems with the people who really understand them. Proactive Worldwide is SCIPís Strategic Partner for this conference. Sponsors and exhibitors include: Fletcher CSI, Comintelli, Digimind, Global Intelligence Alliance, ISIS, LexisNexis, NASDAQ OMX, Sedulo Group, and Thomson Reuters.

SCIP has presented the premiere European competitive intelligence summit for 14 years, and this year will continue this tradition of providing an extraordinary learning and netokworking environment. Register for this event at the SCIP website, or contact Sandy Skipper at

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European CI Summit
Nov. 16-18, 2010
Barcelona, Spain
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